Night Terrors in Children: Signs, Causes, and What to Do

It is not uncommon for children to have nightmares so frightening that they wake up screaming and crying. Nightmares are different from night terrors in children, however. During a night terror, the child is still asleep though he or she might be sitting upright in bed, shouting, crying, or displaying fear. It is distressing to watch, and it can be impossible to comfort the child because he or she is still technically asleep, but night terrors cause no lasting harm. After having a [...]

PTSD and Moral Injury

PTSD is pretty much a household name these days, but I don’t like the term, “disorder.” Throughout my career, I have worked with military veterans and survivors of abuse. I don’t see this as a disorder, but an injury. It is a normal response to abnormal events. Many survivors have harsh expectations of themselves, ignoring the effects of the injury. This is the hard work – the “rehab.” You find out you are not alone in your recovery and rehab. You can have [...]

The Advantages of Being Single

Being single can be exhausting, particularly if you weren’t the one who ended the relationship. It’s easy to let your mind wander back to happier times and fantasize about what might have been. However, allowing yourself to become mired in the past is detrimental to your development and inhibits your ability to move on to better things.To make the most of the opportunities for growth and enjoyment that come with singlehood, you must first accept the reality of your situation. The following twelve advantages [...]

10 Tips to Help You Find Motivation and Achieve Positive Change in Your Life

Often times when a person is struggling to find motivation, they are struggling with some aspect of their mental health. The lack of motivation is a signal that the person may be struggling with a mental health issue or is out of balance on some kind of mental wellness area in their life. The ability to find the energy, motivation, or desire to get things done or to become healthier is just not there. They find it difficult to have the motivation to do [...]

5 Ideas for How to Control Your Anger

If you are struggling with anger, it could be a symptom of something deeper. Often, we fail to identify what’s causing our anger in the first place. But it’s an important step in an overall plan for how to control your anger. To find the cause of your anger, however, one must first admit to an anger issue. Some symptoms of a struggle with anger are: Feeling the need to punish or self-harm because you are angry internally. Talking to yourself in your [...]

Bible Verses for Mourning to Help You Process Grief

When you lose a loved one, it can feel like a singular and lonely experience. Our lived experiences are diverse, and we don’t view even similar experiences in the same way, contributing to the impression that we’re alone in what we’re going through. Bible verses for mourning can help. Proverbs 14:10, NIV says, “Each heart knows its own bitterness, and no one else can share its joy.” Losing a loved one is bitter in ways we aren’t always capable of expressing, and it’s [...]