Individual Counseling

Men and women come for sessions at Carlsbad Christian Counseling for a wide range of reasons, including depression, anxiety, trauma recovery or PTSD, grief and loss, relationship issues, fear of abandonment, addiction or chemical dependency, and much more. Whatever situation or circumstances you’re facing, at Carlsbad Christian Counseling you can find a trustworthy, trained counselor who will listen to your story and respect your faith and values.

Couples Counseling

Whether you’re looking for premarital counseling, marriage counseling, or infidelity and affair recovery, the Christian marriage counselors in Carlsbad have the skills and tools you need to strengthen your relationship. The experienced relationship therapists at Carlsbad Christian Counseling will listen to each partner and help you find the root of your concerns before giving you practical steps to take to rebuild your bond. Find a firm foundation for your relationship through Christian couples counseling in Carlsbad.

Family Counseling

Just as families come in all shapes and sizes, the family counselors at Carlsbad Christian Counseling understand that each family unit has its own unique dynamics. If your family is experiencing challenges or pressure of any kind, give us a call. Christian family counseling can help you learn effective communication methods and conflict management techniques so you can discover how to better interact with each other and enjoy a more peaceful, loving home.

Group Counseling

Group counseling in Carlsbad, California can be a very effective way to overcome certain challenges that you face. Being in a room with people who are dealing with similar struggles and striving to overcome the same obstacles can be encouraging and motivating. There is a level of accountability that accompanies group therapy as well. Contact us today to learn more about the counseling groups available in Carlsbad.