Christian Premarital Counseling

Congratulations on your engagement! Marriage is a beautiful picture of God’s love for us and Christ’s relationship with the church, so it is not a covenant to be entered into without preparation. Christian premarital counseling can help as you prepare for this journey.

Why Christian Premarital Counseling?

Around 50% of marriages end in divorce. Statistics show that couples who participated in premarital counseling are 30% more likely to have a successful marriage. Even if you have a healthy and strong relationship, it is still important to have premarital counseling. Carlsbad Christian Counseling offers the important first step for building a lifelong marriage.

Premarital Christian counseling can help couples with:

  • Faith and spiritual development as a couple

  • Wedding planning and expectations

  • Communication strategies

  • Learning to make decisions together

  • Financial expectations, goals, and planning

  • Sexual expectations

  • Gender role expectations

  • Working through past sexual trauma, abuse, premarital sexual relationships, and pornography

  • Marriage expectations

  • Extended family or family of origin issues

  • Parenting and family size goals, dreams, and expectations

  • Provide tools for dealing with struggles and conflicts that will arise in marriage

By dealing with minor issues now, you’re avoiding bigger issues after you say “I do.” Your counselor will help you keep God at the center of your engagement and help you learn to keep God at the center of your marriage too.

We are a supportive place to help you overcome any stereotypes or false expectations about marriage. Having a neutral third party in preparation for marriage is an invaluable resource. You’ll come back to the tools you learn and the discussions you have in premarital counseling throughout your marriage.

If you’re ready to help get your marriage off to the best start possible, give us a call or schedule online. We are so excited to celebrate and help you prepare for your wedding day!