Christian Counseling for Children

Children are an amazing gift. Raising children is a blessing and can be a challenge. The world works hard to tear our children away from God. It works to undo the teaching and blessings of Christ that we want to share with them. As we do our best to love and support our children, this also means involving professional help when the time is right.

Christian counseling for kids doesn’t mean you’ve failed as a parent. Rather, it’s a sign you want the best for them. Sometimes outside support is exactly what a child, or family, needs. Carlsbad Christian Counseling has highly trained children’s counselors to help.

Common reasons for seeking Christian counseling for kids include:

  • Faith and spiritual development struggles

  • Behavioral issues

  • Academic struggles

  • Learning disabilities or special needs

  • Transition or change

  • Interpersonal relationship problems

  • Conflict or frequent fights with family members or peers

  • Dangerous or high-risk behavior

  • Substance use, abuse, or addiction

  • Social media addiction

  • Sudden or persistent change in mood or behavior

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Trauma

  • Grief

  • Abuse

  • Bullying or bully behavior

What does Christian counseling for kids look like?

Our counselors take a client-centered approach. We work with each child to find what’s best for them based on their age, needs, gender, and background.

Counseling for kids is typically play-based. This is an easier way for kids to express themselves than through talk-therapy. In some cases, parents may be with the child. In other cases, the child will attend alone, or a mixture of both. Sometimes siblings may attend and participate. If the parent is not present, we will make sure to communicate with you about your child’s progress.

We are here to help your children grow and thrive. Give us a call or contact us online to schedule your child’s first appointment.