Christian Family Counseling

For many people, home is a refuge. Family is a foundation and a source of much joy and strength- family is home. Sometimes, unfortunately, that foundation starts to shake. That refuge can become the last place we want to be. In these times, compassionate Christian Family Counseling can help.

The counselors at Carlsbad Christian Counseling are compassionate and Christ-focused. We’re here to help rebuild the foundation, heal the pain, and give you your refuge back. If your family is struggling, can’t seem to see eye-to-eye, or is dealing with trauma, we can help.

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No family is immune to struggles. No family is immune to difficult times. When these struggles or difficulties come, it may be the right time to meet with a counselor.

Christian family counseling can help with:

  • Parenting techniques and approaches
  • Spiritual growth for the family
  • Spiritual struggles within the family, or with a single family member
  • Conflict management strategies and conflict resolution
  • Communication issues
  • Support during transitions
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Child or teen behavioral issues
  • Child or teen academic struggles
  • Child or teen academic struggles
  • Trauma, grief, or loss
  • Health issues within the family
  • Support for families where mental illness, substance abuse, or addiction is present
  • Blended family, adoption, fosterchild, or stepchild issues
  • Adjustment disorders or struggles
  • Learning disabilities or special needs

Counseling can help with parent-child relationships, relationships between parents, blended families, and extended family relationships. All types of families can benefit from counseling and we have approaches to help children of all ages. You will grow as a family and a child of God in the journey.

You’ve already completed the first step by researching your options. To learn more about our Christian family counseling and take the next step, reach out to us and learn more about how we can help.

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